Executive Director

Emily grew up on Bainbridge and began working at First Years in 2003 as a high school student.  Upon graduating, she trained with all ages, but was primarily a lead preschool teacher.  In 2009 she left when her husband was stationed in Connecticut, Guam, and then Hawaii, before returning back to the Island, and First Years, in 2012.  Emily is continuing her education to complete her degree in Early Childhood Education.  In her free time, Emily enjoys cooking, having movie nights with 3 daughters, and going on family vacations.



Jenny started working with First Years in March of 2002.  Through the years she worked with infants and toddlers, all while receiving her Associates in Arts & Sciences in Business/Accounting and her Infant/Toddler Child Development Associate, and is currently studying online to earn her bachelors in Early Childhood Education.  Jenny and her husband have two daughters, and they have been foster parents since 2012.  In her free time, she enjoys swimming with her family, judging barbecue competitions, along with sewing and crafting.


Office administrator 

Jodi has been teaching at First Years since 2007.  She has earned three state certificates in Early Childhood Education, including her ECE Office Admin and ECE gen.  In her free time she enjoys biking, shopping, baking, and going to the beach with her dog, Bella.


Office Assistant

Angel has been with First Years since 2011.  She was the Toddler 1 lead teacher until January 2019.  She is now our office assistant, and helps with child developmental evaluations.  Angel and her husband have two sons, and she enjoys baking, photography, and collects crystal.


Program Supervisor

Chrissie joined the First Years family in September 2019.  She holds an associates degree in early childhood education, and is currently working on her bachelors in ECE.  As program supervisor, she over sees each classroom's lesson plans and monthly curriculum.  Her knowledge and experience keeps First Years on the edge of the latest and greatest in ECE.


School Chef

Keyna started working at First Years in September 2018, caring for our infants and toddlers.  She became our cook in January 2021, and has been enjoying introducing new snacks and meals to our children. In her free time, Keyna enjoys spending time with her children and family.  She loves going on hiking adventures, and seeing the latest movies in theaters.

Infant Teachers


Lead Infant teacher

Deborah has been our Lead Infant teacher since September 1997. She is known for her attention to detail and gentle nature when caring for our babies. Deborah and her husband, George, enjoy antiquing on weekends, and collecting vintage holiday décor.


Lead Infant Teacher

Mardi started caring for infants at First Years in 2016.  When she's not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their 3 daughters.  She also enjoys cooking and cleaning around her home.


Lead Infant 2 Teacher

Kaylee has worked at First Years since April 2018.  She was our lead Toddler 1 teacher for 2 years, and then was an assistant preschool teacher, but jumped at the chance in January 2021 to become the Lead Infant 2 teacher.


Assistant Infant Teacher

Christina started working with First Years in August 2018. She is trained to work with all ages and assists in our office from time to time, but primarily is found in our infant rooms rocking our babies. Christina is an online student with the University of Northern Colorado, studying to become an American Sign Language translator. In her time off, she enjoys performing in her local college operas, going to musicals with her grandma, and hanging out with her boyfriend.

Toddler Teachers


Lead Toddler 1 Teacher


ASsistant Toddler 1 Teacher

Melanie started working with First Years in February 2020.  She recently moved from Oklahoma, and is looking forward to hiking and rock climbing here in the Pacific Northwest.  She has two daughters, one in the Air Force, and one in college.  In her free time, Melanie and her husband enjoy watching OU football - go Sooners!


Lead Toddler 2 Teacher

Chrissie joined the First Years family in September 2019.  She holds a degree in early childhood education, and has many years of experience in childcare.  In her free time, Chrissie enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, hiking, camping, and kayaking.


Assistant Toddler 2 Teacher

Sonia started working at First Years in January 2021.


Toddler 3 Lead Teacher

Kaitlyn started working with First Years in November 2018.  She has been an assistant teacher in the Toddler 2 and Preschool 2 rooms. Most recently she was our school cook, but with her working toward her degree in Early Childhood Education, she took over our Toddler 3 room in January 2021. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her wife, doing yoga, gardening, playing  disc golf, and collecting crystals.


Assistant Toddler 3 teacher

Isabel has worked with our Toddler 3 room since 2014.  In her free time she enjoys working out, hiking, traveling, and shopping!


Assistant Toddler 3 Teacher

Miss Deb has been caring for our toddlers since February 2019.  


Assistant Toddler 1 &2 Teacher

Farrah has worked in childcare for years but started working at First Years in April 2019.  She cares for children in Toddler 1 and Toddler 2.  In her down time, Farrah enjoys spending time with her mom, and taking her two dogs to the dog park with her husband. 

Preschool and Pre-k Teachers


Lead Preschool Teacher

Areanna has been caring for children at First Years since October 2016.  She has trained in the infant and preschool rooms.  In her free time she loves to shop, and spend time with her mom.


Assistant Preschool 2 Teacher


Assistant Preschool Teacher

Evelyn started working with First Years in July 2018, but attended First Years herself as a child!  Evelyn has been trained to help assist in all three of our toddler rooms, but recently became the new afternoon assistant in the preschool room.  In her free time, Evelyn likes going to the beach with her friends, and spending the weekends shopping with her cousins.

Madi S.

Lead Preschool 2 Teacher

Madi started teaching with First Years in January 2019.  She was trained to work with toddlers and preschool aged children, but is our steady Preschool 2 assistant.  


Assistant Preschool 2 Teacher

Alex started working at First Years in July 2018.  She cares for the children in the Pk1 room, and in her free time she enjoys exploring the PNW with her girlfriend, hanging out with friends, drawing, and watching Netflix.


Assistant Preschool 2 Teacher


Lead Pre-K Teacher

Michelle has been teaching PK since September 1997.  Michelle has two grown daughters, one son in high school, and welcomed her first grandson last year.  In her free time she and her husband enjoy playing pool and reading.


Lead Pre-K teacher

Madi started caring for our children at First Years in March 2016.  She trained in all rooms, and is able to fill in anywhere it's needed.  But she is mainly the co-lead in the Pre-K room.  In her free time, Madi enjoys painting, doing puzzles, and eating LOTS of food!


Assistant Pre-k Teacher

Alyssa started working with First Years in January 2020.  She currently attends Olympic College, studying to become a child psychologist.  She works primarily with the Pre-K children in the afternoons.

Assistant Teachers


Assistant Teacher

Adrianne has been with First Years since 2005!  She cares for children toddler aged and up.  In her free time, Adrianne enjoys going on walks, and spending time at the beach.


AssistanT Teacher

Zelie has been working at First Years since August 2018.  She is attending Western Washington U in the fall of 2020 and will be back after Thanksgiving. In her free time, Zelie loves to do art, music, and food, and hang out with her sister, boyfriend, and friends.


Assistant Preschool 2 &

Pre-K Teacher

Sandy started working at First Years part time in 2016 so she could enjoy her retirement spending time with children.  She considers herself "the Grandma" of the center, and enjoys gardening, horse back riding, reading, and going to the beach with her kids and grandkids.  She has worked hard on creating a beautiful garden that the children look forward to helping her tend.


Assistant Preschool 2

and Pre-k Teacher

Miss Lisa started working with First Years in November 2020.  She has worked in child care for years, both nannying and in centers.  You can see her passion when she interacts with the children, and we are so happy to have her here!


Assistant Preschool 2 Teacher

Kathryn started working at First Years in March 2019, and cares for our older children.  She is currently attending college in Idaho, but will return after Thanksgiving. In her free time she enjoys cross country, ultimate frisbee, and being a theater tech.  Kathryn also enjoys reading, sewing, and painting.

Specialist Teachers


Art Teacher

We are so lucky to have Zelie share her love of art with our children every week.  She plans crafts and projects based on holidays and seasons to do with children aged Toddler 3 and up.  Her mom owns a pottery kiln so they can even do clay projects.  Zelie is always coming up with great news ideas.


Garden Teacher

Sandy teaches the children about horticulture and agriculture.  They work on the school garden year round, planting plants, fruits and veggies, and enjoying outside story time. 


Music Teacher 

Christina started teaching Music with the children in summer 2019.  She works with all ages, introducing children to noise makers and basic instruments including a large piano floor mat.  For the older children she teaches musical notes, beats, and rhythm.


Spanish Teacher

Miss Isabel speaks Spanish fluently, as she was born and raised in Panama.  She reads, and does Spanish flash cards with primarily our older children when she's not teaching in Toddler 3.

Madi s.

Tumbling Teacher 

Madi started teaching gymnastics with Bainbridge Parks and Rec. in early 2020.  Having been a gymnast all her life, she enjoys sharing her love for it with the children!

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